Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let Them Eat Hummus

Al Arabiya reports over 250 Lebanese chefs have wrested the Guinness World Record for largest plate of hummus, a chickpea-based dip, away from the previous record holder, Israel. The chefs mixed over two tons of hummus, using nearly 3,000 pounds of chickpeas and 400 liters of lemon juice.

This gargantuan culinary feat is the latest attempt by Lebanon to assert its unique proprietorship over hummus and other favorite dishes. Earlier this month, Lebanon announced it will fill a lawsuit in international court to prevent Israel from marketing hummus and other Middle Eastern dishes as "Israeli."

This being the Middle East, a simple food fight takes on overblown proportions. In the comments of the article, one Lebanese reader writes, "they want to win the war and take over our countries...LEAVE OUR FOOD ALONE for gods sake!" Another user named Waleed finishes a long rant about how "even our hummus didn't escape the Zionist" by admitting "tears just rolled down my face as I finished this post."

But thankfully, there are cooler heads as well. An Israeli admits Lebanese hummus is the best and hopes "to have a plate of hummus in Beirut one day." Better yet, a user named Omar suggests (excuse the typos) "a food festival between Arab and Isralis. Guess hwo will win? Everyone."

Hey Omar, count me in.

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