Thursday, October 8, 2009

So It Begins

It is an odd feeling. Blogging, that is. On one hand, I know no one will read this post. On the other hand, anyone can read this post at any time. I have, effectively, a non-existent infinite audience.
So to my friends and family who I will likely guilt trip into reading this - as well as the occasional reader who may stumble into this site by happenstance or providence - thank you for reading.

So what will you be reading? To be honest, I'm not quite sure myself. Generally, I will focus on the Middle East, though I may occasionally branch out if I'm feeling adventurous. Originally, I intended to catalog my failed attempts at becoming published in a major newspaper. That idea proved short-lived when the editors at the global edition of the New York Times published my letter to the editor about the future UNESCO chief. Of course, a 130 word letter is just a modest beginning. I will be submitting more letters and op-eds to newspapers and magazines - 99.9% will be rejected and subsequently posted here.

Beyond failed submissions, I will also be including Middle East news stories that have not received sufficient attention in the Western Press. In addition, as time allows, I'll try to take the extra step and provide some analysis of major events.

So it begins.

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